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 Product name: Trisodium phosphate anhydrous(TSP) technical grade

Product name: Trisodium phosphate anhydrous technical grade
Molecular formula : Na3PO4
Molecular weight : 163.97
Properties : white powder, Melting point 1340℃,Bulk density 1.10g/cm3.
Uses : water softener, detergent, inhibitor, fixative, gloss intensifier, antirust agent, flux, decolor agent, degrease agent and degumming agent.
Packing : 25kg woven bag with plastic bag inner . 25M/T loading in 1FCL with no pallets. 22 M/T loading in 1FCL with pallets.
Quality standard :

Index name
Index (Industrial)
anhydrous Tricalcium Phosphate (Na3PO4)      %               ≥
P2O5                                                                            %             ≥
Methyl orange alkalinity                                                             ≥
Water insoluble matter                                            %              ≤
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